Node-RED nodes to talk via USB port with a YarmDev board and then to a remote Yarm node via ISM 868MHz

Main scope

The main scope of this project is to provide an easy way to use the Yarm modules as remote controlled nodes using a ISM 868MHz crypted link.

GitHub repository


Clone the git repository in your Linux PC:

git clone

move inside the .node-red directory in your home:

cd ~/.node-red

create a symbolic link:

npm install ../node-red-contrib-yarm

and restart Node-RED:

sudo systemctl restart node-red

the new node yarm tx and yarm rx will be available on Node-RED palette list under function section.


yarm tx input


    "address": (0...255),
    "cmd": "gpioset" | "gpioreset",
    "portid": (0..1),
    "msgid": (0...255)

Serial out format

| address  | cmd     | portid   | msgid    |
| 0x01     | 0x01    | 0x01     | 0x01     |

0x00 gpioreset
0x01 gpioset

0x0 GPIO 0
0x1 GPIO 1


Development links

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